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  • With respect to “collection jewels” the customer should always ask for the price before placing an order. After all, these “collection jewels”, fully hand-crafted and customised, shall only be made to order.
    The customer can have the designs shown on the website carried out in another colour of gold, he can choose from other colours of pearls, etc. These details shall be discussed at length per e-mail before a client-oriented price offer is drawn up.

We refer to the general conditions on this site for further specifications as to prices (insurance, import duties, …).


In view of the high degree of handcraft/customisation in our whole range of products the length of the fabrication period should be taken into account.

  • For the “collection products” a period of about 30 (thirty) working days is necessary. Anyway, the production period for the production of the “collection products” shall always be mentioned to the customer in advance.

The order is delivered by well-known shipping companies such as bPost, UPS and Fedex. Should an order have already been dispatched from our shop, we shall inform the customer by e-mail about the transport company delivering the package to the customer and the customer shall also receive a serial number, by means of which he shall be able to trace the delivery.

We refer to the general terms and conditions on this site for further specifications regarding orders, deliveries, supply.

Form of payment

The customer can pay by means of a bank transfer. The payment is always made in Euro.
We refer to the general terms and conditions on this site for further specifications as to payment system.

What if you want to send back the goods?

We refer to the paragraph “right of renunciation” in our general conditions on this site for further specifications concerning this matter.

Pictures on the website

The pictures of the products on this website are displayed as realistically as possible. Pictures are enlarged to show the jewel in detail. The customer should take into account that each window has a different setting, as a result of which a picture and its colour can slightly vary.
Sometimes black stripes may be visible on the picture of a jewel. These are mostly shadows, caused during the shooting.
Moreover, due to the high degree of customisation/handcraft small differences compared to the product shown on the website are always possible in the delivered final product.

Ring size

Tips for measuring your ring size;

  • If you do not know your own ring size, you can buy ring sizes for €10.

  • We advise you to measure the ring size at various times of the day, as the finger’s thickness may vary throughout the day.

  • The general rule is that the custom-made ring may not sit too tight or too loose on the finger. 

Technical terms

    • 18 ct gold

      All our jewels are made of 18 ct gold. (Au 750)
    • Colour change in white gold

      White gold does not exist as such in nature. 18 ct white gold is made of an alloy of 750 /000 yellow gold to which 250/000 palladium is added. Palladium gives the whitish colour, but the beautiful white colour of white gold is achieved by plating the white-gold jewel with rhodium afterwards. When a white-gold jewel is worn the rhodium layer will fade in certain parts that are exposed to a high degree of friction in the course of time. In these friction parts a yellowish colour will appear, which is very normal. Therefore, it is recommended to have your white-gold jewel plated again with rhodium at least once a year to maintain a nice white jewel. Fortunately, the treatment with rhodium is not very expensive. Of course, you can always choose to have your jewel made of platinum which is a white precious metal by nature.

    • Diamond

      All our white diamonds have a purity VS-VVS and a colour F-G

    • Natural pearl

      All used pearls in our jewels are real, natural pearls. We buy our pearls directly from pearl producers.
      Each pearl, coloured or not, has its own colour.
      You will never have 2 identical white pearls, they will always slightly vary.
      Therefore you should take into account that an ordered colour may vary when it is ordered a second time. 

Guarantee of quality

All our jewels are made with the greatest care and they are subject to a strict quality control. We guarantee that the jewels are made and delivered according to the specifications mentioned on our website or according to the agreements between us and the customer.
All our jewels will be delivered with a detailed certificate of authenticity.

For any further questions, please send an e-mail to info@werneraerts.be