Werner Aerts

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Heidi, creative jack-of-all-trades with an eye for beauty and detail

Heidi is Werner’s muse. She is a self-conscious woman inspiring Werner in his search for new jewel designs for women. Heidi very much loves art and everything that goes with it. Hence, her intrest in figure-skating, the piano, classic music and jewellery.

These personal passions and her infallible intuition telling her which type of jewels women are longing for help her make an essential contribution to the development of new jewel designs.

Heidi comes from an undertaking family and she completed her study business economics. This study together with trainings on colour – style and image has been very beneficial for her as advisor in the store.

Heidi is also the ideal hostess: easy-going, enthusiastic and with a large interest in people and their passions.

“Each encounter is fundamentally unique, so I always find communicating with people a very enriching experience.”