Werner Aerts

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About Werner

In his childhood onwards Werner developed a strong interest in beauty and shapes. He translated his observations in numerous drawings. Via these drawings he discovered his interest in and talent for designs.

Werner’s father was a teacher in diamond cutting and taught him everything about the study of diamonds. Yet, he could not give up his passion for drawing and designing.

He successfully completed an education as gold smith in Antwerp. Afterwards, Werner gained many years of experience in a workshop where jewels were made by hand. Then he started to work on his own. He has made jewels for other jewellers for about a decade.

Thanks to his working experience, combined with this undeniable talent, Werner does not only design stylish jewels, he also has the technical skill to realise his designs in a perfect way.

After all these years Werner is still learning and improving himself. He wants to be informed of the latest techniques to be able to anticipate the current time spirit. And yet, his designs will not lose any of his individual characteristics.

“To me each jewel is an expression of my fanciful, inner world of experience. And a form of communication between myself and other people.”